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Slowburning djz
    dj  Turbo aka shinobu "忍" 

    dj Turbo aka shinobu "忍"  was born in Sagamihara, Kanagawa in Japan. He was inspired by dj honda and He has started djing at his hometown in 1993. He moved to Tokyo in 1994, and participated a lots of DJ battles at based on Shinjuku and also Shibuya and Roppongi and improved his skills for 10 years.  He stepped up his carriers and got a victory at Vestax DJ Competition Asia Finals Turntable+. 
     He joined a DJ crew called “Kamikaze Skillz Turntablizm Clique” which was formed by DJ YUZE with DJ AMEKEN in 1997. He participated many club events and Music Festivals at not only Tokyo but also all over Japan. And He also appeared on the Video “IT'S THE KAMIKAZE SKILLS DJ LECTURE VIDEO”.
     In 2001, He was called from his a good friend Hannya (般若), a talented Japanese rapper and joined a rap group ”Mousouzoku(妄走族)”as DJ and worked with many Japanese musician as live DJ. 
     In 2002, When there were released the movie『SCRATCH』which was documentary of hip hop history in Japan, He performed with Jazzy Jay and Q-bert, J-Rocc, Craze at release party  “SCRATCH TOUR”. 
     In 2004, He went to Beijing in China for djing for 1 year because of dispatch of company “Stanton” which was sponsor at that time. After that, He decided to move to New York and got a good opportunity to be an assistant of dj honda. He went back to Japan in 2009 and he plays DJ at everywhere in Japan now.

    Diskunion ディスクユニオン






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